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HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor

Compressed Air from Hydraulics
Hydraulic compressor transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively to high quality compressed air. The compressor can be installed in almost any working machine. It is easy and simple to use.

Compact and Powerful
The power-to-size ratio of the hydraulic compressor is excellent. In most cases, it can replace the old fashioned and clumsy towed compressor unit – with only a fraction of size and weight. Dynaset hydraulic compressor selection includes various models of hydraulic piston compressors (HK), hydraulic rotary vane compressors (HKL) and hydraulic screw compressors (HKR).

Versatile Pressurized Air
The compressor produces high quality power for pneumatic tools, external equipment, and is good for air flushing etc. It is also suitable for continuous demanding professional use such as quarrying, mining etc.

Trustworthy Money Saver
The trouble free hydraulic compressor starts reliably and needs no extra fuel. It will serve a long time – with far less need for maintenance compared to a towed compressor unit of same power level.

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