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Haas Alva

The stationary version of the ALVA screen is already impressive in countless applications – now the technology is going mobile!

The oversize material is discharged from the screen deck via a funnel-shaped chute onto the return conveyor. This can be pivoted by 200 degrees. With a discharge height of up to 5 metres, the oversize material can be automatically fed back into the shredder or optionally discharged as a second finished fraction.

ALVA is compact and impresses with an outstanding screening capacity (200 m3/h). The assembly on a hook-lift frame provides flexibility. The electric drive and the wear-
resistant, crew conveyor guarantee maximum efficiency.


Infeed bunker
Capacity 2 m³
Infeed height 2700 mm
Infeed width 1820 mm
Electricly driven, external power supply required.
Discharge conveyor oversize
Length 7650 mm
Width 1000 mm
Dropping height (35°) 4515/4915 mm
Discharge conveyor fines
Length (one piece) 5600 mm
Width 1000 mm
Dropping height (35°) 2760/3160 mm
Total dimensions
Total weight 14500 kg
Length 9980 mm
Width 10230 mm
Height 4515/4915 mm
Transport length 8390 mm
Transport width 2460 mm
Transport height 2660 mm

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