ScanBalt Crane offers technical maintenance services to customers in the Baltic countries.


We provide warranty maintenance and repair service as well as further regular technical maintenance to machines which were bought from ScanBalt Crane or from enterprises that used to represent brand in this region.

For this purpose, ScanBalt Crane has developed mobile maintenance teams (mechanics and transport) that are ready to help you.


Service related questions:

Spare parts

ScanBalt Crane guarantees to customers quick and accurate deliveries of spare parts and consumables.

Spare parts request

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Ordering spare parts

Spare parts and consumables orders are taken and met by the ScanBalt Crane Spare Parts Sales Manager. Orders can be submitted both for the stock ScanBalt Crane spare parts as well as spare parts in the factory stock. ScanBalt Crane guarantees the correct spare part orders, transportation, installation instructions, and if necessary, technical instructions for staff operating the customer’s equipment.

Delivery time

If the parts are in factory stock, ordered spare parts shall generally reach customers within 3 working days.

Express orders

Upon customer’s request, spare parts can also be delivered under express orders, in which case the necessary parts shall be delivered to the customer within 24 hours. If the spare parts order period includes state holidays or weekends in supply/destination state, the corresponding number of additional days will be added to delivery time.