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WÜST FMX WPC-712 Truck

The FMX WPC-712 wood chipper is a fast, convenient and powerful chipper truck. Wüst uses a VOLVO truck that has proven its reliability. The VOLVO FMX series heavy-duty trucks are designed for heavy transport works and have very strong transmission components.

Wüst has placed special focus on truck cooling and the entire system has been replaced with a larger coolers and hoses, as well as cooling radiators separately for each hydraulic systems.

The truck model uses only one engine for drive and chipping, it will reduces daily costs.

The truck model is mobile fast and travel costs are low.
The truck model has a chipper control from the operator’s cab, which provides comfort and space.


Model FMX WPC-712 Truck
Output capacity max 300 m3 / h
Truck Volvo FMX
Power 540 hp
Drive 6×4 või 6×6
Operating Operating at co-driver seat
Chipper unit WPC-712
Feed belt lenght 1300 mm
Infeed 1200 x 700 mm
Rotor 6 Chipper knives or blades
Knives/blades 6 pcs 200 mm
Rotor diameter 915 mm
Cutting length 43 mm
Sieves Exchangeable sieves
Ejection fan Hydraulic variable
360° ejection possible
Crane Q170
Hydraulic tank volume 400 l
Wood splitter (option)

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