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HG Hydraulic generator

High quality electricity from hydraulics
A hydraulic generator transforms the hydraulic power of a working machine into high quality electricity with great efficiency. The electricity is suitable for all electric equipment from small devices to heavy work tools.

Power wherever, whenever
When a working machine is equipped with a hydraulic generator, electric power for any purpose is always guaranteed, no matter where you are. Because of its compact size, the generator can be installed on many kinds of machines, at any size.
Unlike old fashioned generator units, the hydraulic generator produces electricity anytime during everyday work. This makes the cost per kVA very reasonable.

Reliable, durable and safe
Reliable start and independence of extra fuel are assets of a hydraulic generator. Other benefits include long running life and great durability. Most of all, the quality of electricity stays constant, thanks to the automatic speed control valve and vibration free running, which also bring extra safe to use.
A hydraulic generator, running with the power of working machine’s hydraulics, guarantees high quality electricity always available. The generator can be safely assembled in any hydraulic system. Compared to a combustion engine driven generator unit of same output level, a hydraulic generator is only the half in weight and size. Still, it easily powers up even a large electric motor without any problem. Dynaset quality guarantees the generator its high operating efficiency and tough loading capacity, both typical for hydraulics.

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