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Albach Diamant 2000

The machine convinces by best chopping quality, off-road capability and durability. It is driven by a permanent all-wheel drive system with independent hydromechanical drive on the two main axles. This means that even hill climbs or rough terrain can be mastered with ease.

The rotor, which is at the heart of the chipper, has been consistently evolved.

It enables the production of chopped material from 15 mm to 60 mm. The knife carriers are interchangeable. These thus adjust to the different chipping materials and deliver the best possible result from existing material. Diesel and power efficiency are further factors in favor of the latest rotor generation. Technical modifications to the machine are possible in consultation between the manufacturer and the customer.



Engine Man D4276 LE 122 581 kw/790 hp
Driving speed 80 km/h
Chipper feeding width 1230 mm
Accelerator Hydraulic
Crane Maximum range up to 10.1 m

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