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HHK Hydraulic grinder

Stay Sharp – Always, Anywhere

The Dynaset hydraulic bench grinder (HHK) is especially designed for on-site use. The unit can be easily connected to the hydraulic system of any type of carrier machine.

Grinder’s automatic speed control valve keeps grind stone rotation speed constant at any load. Robust grind stone cover guides the grinding dust away from the working zone. Adjusting the sharpening support doesn’t require special tools or attachments.
To take the grinder to use, only pressure and return lines from the hydraulics need to be connected. The automatic speed control valve allows the bench grinder to run in both low and high duty hydraulic systems. Reinforced axial sealing of the hydraulic motor are designed to stand considerable pressure peaks without separate leakage line.
An adapter kit for slimmer grind stone installation is available as an option. It enables safe and effective use of grind stones not as thick as the suggested 32 mm stone. The grind stone is to be purchased separately.

Dynaset hydraulic bench grinder is designed and manufactured to comply with the SFS 5349 standard.

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