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HV Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic pulling power for all needs

Hydraulic winches (HV) have been designed for powerful horizontal pulling work, such as pipe lining etc. Winches are powered with the hydraulics of a working machine, transforming it effectively to pulling power.

Dynaset hydraulic winch units (HVY) have the same optional principle as the hydraulic winches, but they include combustion engine powered hydraulic system. It allows independence from a working machine to provide hydraulic power.

HV- Hydraulic winch units use a load sensing hydraulic system. The electric devices of the winch are powered by the engine start (12 VDC). The Dynaset winches are built on a robust RHS steel frame. For guiding the wire they include a vertical basic pole that has a reeling guide for neat reeling of the wire. The HVY-hydraulic winch unit’s combustion engine can be used as a hydraulic power pack for external hydraulic equipment.

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