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HPT Hydraulic power units

HPU Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power unit provides hydraulic power where the hydraulics of the working machines is not available. The power unit can be used to power hydraulic equipment such as generators, welders, water pumps, compressors etc.
Because the power units are supplied with quick-connect fittings, hydraulic connections are easy and fast to make. A normal unit assembly has two quick-connect fitting couples and a variety valve for two different types of hydraulic equipment. Power unit can be also customized to meet the customer’s needs.

The power units have an electric start system, which guarantees easy start in all circumstances. Manual start is optional. The basic model also produces 12 VDC battery electricity for external use. For comfortable moving, the power unit has rubber wheels and foldable handles.

Specialized hydraulic power unit technology for demanding applications

HEU Hydraulic rock bolt expansion unit
The Dynaset hydraulic rock bolt expansion unit (HEU) is used for bolt anchoring by expanding a bolt inside a rock wall in tunnels, caves, construction sites etc.
The expansion unit produces a burst of high pressure water in a hollow and initially compressed bolt, inserted into a hole the wall. The expanded bolt is tightly secured. The expansion unit comply all standards for rock bolting.

The expansion unit can be installed into any mining machine. It is suitable for manual and mechanical bolting – it can be operated from a platform or from the ground. Available accessories are various adapters and expanding guns.

With patented, trouble-free hydraulic pump inside and tough outer shell, the unit will be in service for long time – even in the toughest conditions.

HRU Hydraulic rescue tool power pack
HRU-unit is especially designed for equipping the fire trucks and other vehicles to hydraulic shears, cutters and expansion tools, used by rescue team in salvage and firefighting operations. HRU-unit provides a possibility to use two power tools simultaneously.
HRU rescue tool pack is delivered as a compact ready-to-use unit, which only needs to be connected to the hydraulic system of rescue vehicle. Hydraulic fluid is used in all circuits of HRU-unit, and this feature together with the piston assembly as the only moving part of the unit, results of long and maintenance-free service life. Power tool circuit is hermetic and isolated from actuating hydraulic circuit.

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