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JPL High pressure waste bin washing system

Waste bin wash is obligatory task for every waste management company. For example EU regulations requires washing bins twice a year.

High pressure waste bin washing robot makes task easy – one emptying cycle with waste truck fitted with Dynaset washing robot cleans the bins thoroughly. No extra manpower or vehicles needed.

Powerful rotating nozzles clean the bins quickly and effectively with small amount of water. Water can be filtered and recycled to minimize the overall water need.

With Dynaset’s high pressure waste bin washing system the waste collecting truck is used with maximum efficiency – saving environment, time and money at the same time.

Dynaset’s high pressure waste bin washing system is incorporated in the waste compactor. This enables one car and one driver to complete both the emptying and washing of the bins. The waste bins are washed automatically, simultaneously with emptying.

The capacity of the system exceeds the number of bins one truck can empty in one round. The system is suitable for installation on practically any refuse truck and compactor. There are handy operating panels in the rear of the truck, and a touch screen user interface for system settings and data in the truck cabin.

The Dynaset waste bin washing system includes two hydraulically rotating high pressure nozzles, which penetrate the bin during operation. In addition, there are turning nozzle pipes for washing bin lids, a washing pistol for manual washing, and a water heating unit.

Cleaning the insides of one small bin takes only few seconds, depending on the system settings. Giving a final touch for the cleaning is easy with the included washing pistol.

The washing system is based on the patented, reliable and compact Dynaset hydraulic high pressure water pump. As high as 180 bar water pressure combined with powerful nozzles helps keep the water consumption low: one water tank of about 2 m³ can hold the water for washing 220 bins.

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