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Piener Smag Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab HMG

EFFICIENCY – Sophisticated design:
Rotary head with a high load bearing capacity and integrated maximum pressure safeguarding for the lifting cylinders and the rotary function
Shell tips made of highly wear-resistant manganese hard steel with integrated wear indicator
Hoses with large nominal diameters and spiral scouring protection

PERFORMANCE – High handling frequency:
Optimum shell shape as well as efficient hydraulic components ensure high handling capacities. The PEINER HMG holds even bulky materials safely for a continuous period. Special impact bar protection variants guard the grab hydraulics from external influences.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY – Low maintenance effort requirements:
The PEINER HMG has just a few easily accessible maintenance points.

PEINER hydraulic orange peel grabs can be customized to individual requirements as regards to shape and model.

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