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HAAS Arthos Stationary

ARTHOS, the stationary hammermill for secondary shredding of pre-shredded material shreds waste wood, green waste, refuse derived fuels and PVC waste to < 30 – 150 mm (e.g. in combination with the TYRON primary shredder). Depending on the model, the HAAS hammermill ARTHOS, formerly known as “HAAS HSZ”, impresses with up to 630 kW.

The special ballistic chute protects the hammermill from wear and tear and machine breakage. Impurities, especially iron, are automatically separated. In addition, the mill can be opened hydraulically in no time at all and wear parts and screen basket can be replaced within a very short time. Downtimes are thus minimised and costs reduced.

Depending on the material and the desired end product special HAAS hammer-, counter knife- and screen basket-systems will be used. With the help of individual matched counter knive- and screen basket-systems the unwanted fine fraction will be reduced to a minimum. HAAS hammermills are immune to interference and low on maintenance!


Model Infeed width Infeed height Rotor ø Engine Capacity up to
ARTHOS 1000-E 1.000 mm 1.200 mm 1.200 mm 90 – 200 kW 18 t/h
ARTHOS 1300-E 1.300 mm 1.200 mm 1.200 mm 132-315 kW 25 t/h
ARTHOS 1600-E 1.600 mm 1.200 mm 1.200 mm 160-400 kW 45 t/h
ARTHOS 2000-E 2.000 mm 1.200 mm 1.200 mm 315-630 kW 80 t/h

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