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HAAS Tyron Mobile

TYRON, the sturdy twin-shaft primary shredder impresses with its powerful performance of up to 770 hp and its aggressive material infeed. Our Viking, thanks to the intelligent HAAS twin-shaft technology, is the ideal solution for effectively shredding even the most difficult materials. Its two shredding shafts are independently driven. This seemingly trivial feature has many advantages.

With this shredder, you can adjust the shaft speed, direction of rotation and reversing times at any time depending on the material. Wrapping of wires and long-fibre materials is avoided, throughput is maximised! Compared to a synchronously running shredder, the HAAS TYRON reduces wear and downtimes. The solid construction ensures a high economic efficiency and long service life – the oldest TYRON still in operation today has already achieved more than 35,000 operating hours!

You will receive your TYRON with an optimally matched tool configuration. Depending on your requirements and wishes, you will receive a suitably equipped breaking unit – as standard, the shredding tools are hard-faced ex works!


Model Diesel engine Number of shafts Shredding chamber ø x Length (mm) Rpm Weight
1500 350 HJ / 257 kW 2 * 700 x 1.500 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
1500XL 400 HJ / 294 kW 2 * 700 x 1.500 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
2000 350 HJ / 257 kW 2 * 700 x 2.000 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
2000XL 400 HJ / 294 kW 2 * 700 x 2.000 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
2500 770 HJ / 566 kW 2 * 900 x 2.500 max. 30 ** 30-45 t

* The number and form of the tools is adjusted according to the requested end product.

** The revolutions per minute of the shafts lies between 0-40 rpm and can be infinitely adjustable. Furthermore, both shafts are driven separately and can therefore be driven with different speed. Due to the variety of the discs per shaft and the tools per disc, an end product of around 150 – 500 mm is can be achieved.

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