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HAAS Tyron Hybrid

The new hybrid version of the TYRON primary shredder complements the HAAS product range with a mobile, electric version. The robust twin-shaft primary shredder TYRON 2000 XL 2.0 hybrid features a main drive with 280 kW for the shredding process. The diesel generator provides 43 kW for moving the crawler track.

As at the mobile and the stationary version, two shredding shafts are driven independently of each other. Shaft speed, direction of rotation and reversing times can be easily adjusted at any time depending on the material.
The throughput is maximised because the winding of wires and long-fibre materials is avoided.

The hybrid Viking is designed for maximum shredding performance. Due to its high efficiency, the electric motor has a significant advantage in energy efficiency, compared to the diesel engine. Up to 70 % energy costs can be saved compared to diesel-hydraulic.


Model Electric motor Diesel generator Number of shafts Shredding chamber ø x Length (mm): Rpm Weight
Hybrid 1500 220 kW 43 kW 2 * 700 x 1.500 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
Hybrid 1500 XL 220 kW 43 kW 2 * 700 x 1.500 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
Hybrid 2000 220 kW 43 kW 2 * 700 x 2.000 max. 40 ** 18-30 t
Hybrid 2000 XL 220 kW 43 kW 2 * 700 x 2.000 max. 40 ** 18-30 t

* The number and form of the tools is adjusted according to the requested end product.

** The revolutions per minute of the shafts lies between 0-40 rpm and can be infinitely adjustable. Furthermore, both shafts are driven separately and can therefore be driven with different speed. Due to the variety of the discs per shaft and the tools per disc, an end product of around 150 – 500 mm is can be achieved.

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