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HGV Variable hydraulic generator

The variable generator system (HGV) is designed for vehicles such as vans, trucks and boats to produce high quality electricity. The HGV system is available in wide power range, starting from 3,5kVA. The system is a complete solution that is also suitable for carrier machines without an existing hydraulic system.

Containing small sized components, placing the HGV system in a carrier machine is easy, even to tighter places. HVG-system is quiet in use. The system, connected directly to the main engine of the carrier machine, operates smoothly on a wide RPM range, from idle to full speed. As the system requires no extra fuels and operates well on low revs, using the system is inexpensive.

The core of the system is a hydraulic generator, which transforms the hydraulic power into electricity. The automatic speed control valve and automatic voltage control makes the generator safe and reliable in use. In addition to the hydraulic generator, the system includes a hydraulic pump, solenoid control valve and oil cooler, either as a part of the generator or as a separate unit. When needed, a compact oil tank can also be added to the system.

Installing an external junction box and/or even several outlets ensure that the electricity is conveniently available for many devices, all around the carrier machine.

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