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HMAG Hydraulic magnet

Hydraulic Lifting Power
The self contained hydraulic magnet is true plug-and-play solution for metal handling. In scrap yard, demolition site, infrastructure works and others who need magnetic lifting power can start with any material handling machine or excavator. Magnet plugs to booms auxiliary hydraulic connector usually dedicated for rammers, grapples or similar equipment. After connecting either with quick coupling plate or by lifting chain, equipment is good to go.

Fast, Durable and Safe
Quick demagnetization guarantees swift and accurate handling of ferrous material. Vibration free running and automatic speed control valve make sure that the generator is safe in use and will serve with no problems for a long time.

Flexible solution
The hydraulic magnet works well as rental unit, contractor with multiple machines and in multipurpose trucks and lorries with loader crane.

Compact size
The compact hydraulic magnet is designed to work with most mobile platforms as flexible magnet attachment. The hydraulic magnet can be safely connected with any hydraulic system with free return flow to tank. The Dynaset hydraulic magnet effectively transforming the hydraulic power of a work machine into magnetic lifting and sorting power for a material handling.

Features of the hydraulic magnet include easy to use and quick demagnetising. This grants great accuracy in material handling.

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