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Piener Smag Hydraulic Timber Grab HHG

Rotary head with a high load bearing capacity and integrated maximum pressure safeguarding for the lifting cylinders and the rotary function
Warp-resistant steel construction made of hard-wearing special steel.
Synchronized toothing guarantees homogenous closing and opening of the tongs

PERFORMANCE – High handling frequency:
Efficient hydraulic components ensure high handling efficiency. Thanks to the optimum tong shape, logs up to giant size can be picked up in efficiently. Depending on the grab type, the two tongs are constructed in such a way that they mesh into one another in an overlap. Even thin logs cannot fall out so that uninterrupted operation sequences and high productivity are ensured.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY – Durability thanks to premium quality:
Thanks to its high-quality components, PEINER HHG is service-friendly and guarantees reliable continuous operation.

PEINER hydraulic timber grabs can be customized to individual requirements as regards to shape and model.

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