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PPL High pressure pipe cleaning unit

The hydraulic pipe cleaning equipment is typically used in works such as unclogging or defrosting pipes and sewers with high pressure water jets and manual high pressure cleaning with washing gun.

The Dynaset hydraulic hose reel is designed for convenient at-work storage and quick and safe handling of high pressure hose. Together with Dynaset HPW-hydraulic high pressure water pump, hose reel integrates core elements of professional pipe cleaning equipment.

Unreeling the hose is easy due to the free reel rotation; when pulling the hose or feeding it into the pipe. The reel can be locked hydraulically in any position. The hose reel is controlled with manual or solenoid valve with positions for locking, reeling, and free rotation.

Installing the hydraulic hose reel is very easy: it only needs connection to hydraulic circuit equipped with a flow limiter. The rotation speed of the hose reel is changed by adjusting the hydraulic flow that rotates the reel motor. Reeling force is preset to 800 N, which equals to 50 bar pressure. The setting can be changed with a pressure limiter valve.

Dynaset also offers a wide range of different nozzles for pipe washing and defrosting, and other purposes as well. When washing the pipe, the nozzle pushes itself forward in the pipe using the force of water jet streams coming from the back of the nozzle. It can reach the distance of over 100 meters.

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