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HPW-DUST High pressure dust suppression system

Using dust suppression at demolition, crushing etc. work sites greatly enhances work efficiency and safety. It makes the air notably clearer, and results in better visibility and safer breathing – even the taste and smell of dust are gone.

The system can be used effectively in all machine-operated work, where dust emission is considerable. In urban areas dust control is essential to avoid soiling the surroundings.

The greatest benefits of the dust suppression system are in extra dusty work, such as rock breaking or in excavator breaker use. The system is more than suitable in e.g. grab, drill, or hammer use and in handling dry soil.

The high pressure dust suppression system is based on the powerful Dynaset hydraulic high pressure water pump. High pressure water is sprayed directly to treated area through special nozzles. Mist-like atomized water binds even the smallest dust particles and makes them fall down in a controlled manner. Dry, the particles would float in the air freely and eventually land far from the work area – this can be prevented with high pressure dust suppression system – with low water consumption.

The system has two settings for water output. This enables the amount of water used to be adjusted for best suitability for each situation. Combination of tiny water droplets and high pressure grants effective results with small amount of water. This in turn helps to avoid flooding at the work site. The water used can be taken from a water line or a separate tank.

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