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KPL High pressure street washing unit

High pressure water from hydraulics
Street washing unit is a powerful accessory. It utilizes Dynaset HPW- hydraulic high pressure water pump, which transforms the hydraulic power of a working machine into high pressure water. Massive water power can be achieved with very small amount of water, thanks to the high pressure.

Economically unbeatable
Compact size, light weight and low water consumption make the street washing unit a cost-saving and work efficient solution. The hydraulic high pressure water pump is free of rotating parts, which makes it very durable and maintenance free.

Deep clean surfaces in record time
Unlike when rinsing surfaces with low pressure water, high pressure water digs dust and sand out from the pores in asphalt, concrete, etc. This way the surface will not emit dust after drying. Thanks to low water consumption, the surface dries up quickly and the surroundings will not be flooded.

Versatility of use
Street washing units raise the degree of working machine’s versatility. Units are available for many different carriers and purposes. This guarantees optimal usability and best possible work results. Small water consumption also makes it possible to wash large areas effectively even with a small vehicle, with less amount of water.

The reversible street washing pipe has a support wheel and is in total control of the driver. It enables easy and reliable operation even in difficult projects. With washing pistol, included in a mobile washing unit, apartment entrances, corners and other tight spaces can be cleaned effectively and easily. Statues, park benches, road signs etc. can also be washed without prior arrangements with handy washing pistol.

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